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Signs your boat dock needs maintenance

The wood is starting to separate and it’s starting to come apart from where it’s attached to the other boards. Some of the wood is even covered with patches or mostly covered with dark colors that come from the algae that grows in our rainiest wettest times.

Dock construction guide

A dock brings you closer to nature and life around you and sets your house apart in design and style. Today we will consider what it takes to build a dock and what steps you have to keep in mind when constructing your dock.

Why you need a boat lift

Boat lifts function as a device for pulling boats out of the water to avoid cleaning your boat constantly from the moss that forms and also to keep it from rocking and hitting the elements nearby if you live on a choppy waterway.

How to properly care for your seawall.

Seawalls serve as a protection for your home or business and can be termed as a coastal defense while increasing the value of your property. Adding a seawall to your shoreline is a great way to protect and enhance your waterfront property.

Fishing in Florida: A Beginner’s Guide

Wether you are planning to go to lakes, fish from the beaches in Florida, take a charter trip or fish from your own boat dock in Florida, here are some quick tips.

Inflatable Hot Tub reviews to spice up your yard

To attain that ideal at-home escape some people are incorporating inflatable hot tubs into their backyards, especially waterfront homes.

Garage door water barriers to keep water from entering your garage

When water is seeping inside of your garage, it might attract mold and mildew, and even worse, you’ll have a slippery garage! Finding the best garage door barriers will solve that problem.

The best inflatable docks: floating island reviews

If you live close to a large body of water it might be fun to have your own island. And you can do that with a small investment, and buy yourself an Inflatable dock.