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A year of information for people living on the water

Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to the Holiday season! We are thankful we had some time off this Thanksgiving that we could dedicate to writing this 1 year blogging report. Waterfront Gurus turned a year old in November 3rd 2019 and we were looking to write something about it but only managed to do it now.

On a certain November day in 2018, I had the idea for the blog cycling through the streets of Taylor Birch State Park in Fort Lauderdale and as you look across the intracoastal you can see all the expensive houses right on the waterfront. All those houses had water less than a feet from reaching their yards as it was peak king tide Season in South Florida. Some had higher docks, other higher seawalls, others had steeper yards stretching to the house and others had the house way too close to the water’s edge. All of them vulnerable to a certain extent.

It’s a fact that changes are happening on water levels all over the globe. With the ice caps melting, where do you think all that water is going? It might not be an immediate impact but changes can definitely be felt. A quick look at the neighborhood app has people complaining about their docks getting covered by water and their seawalls needing to be raised. Fort Lauderdale especially, is a very vulnerable city with a lot of people living on the canals or close to the canals that cross the city. It’s common to see water on the streets and on sewage manholes.

Flooded canals of Fort Lauderdale at King Tide.
Flooded canals of Fort Lauderdale at King Tide. Probably needs a taller seawall and dock.

Resilience assessments and strengthening these structures will be needed on these properties and in cities on the water level. According to the US Office for Coastal Management, Coastal counties of the U.S. are home to over 126 million people, or 40 percent of the nation’s total population. Dock builders, seawall builders, boat lift installers, insurance, etc… are all services of interest to people that live close to the water. Should they sell their properties? Should they assess their properties resilience level?

Coastal and waterfront communities face many challenges, including potential sea level rise, hurricanes, flooding, other weather and climate-related hazards and limited land. On this website, you can find information and service and product offers of interest to people living on the water.

At you can find …

    Ask questions about your property: get opinions on your current property situation. Do you have the water reaching your property? Is there anything immediate you should know? Do you need your seawall inspected? Ask them here and someone in our community or one of our marine construction professionals will answer them too.

    Find services and products for your property by the water: Our Business Directory has grown to more than 50 providers of boat dock repair and construction, seawall inspection and builder professionals, boat lift installers to get your boat our of the water when not in use, insurance providers specialized in waterfront houses, products for protecting your property and services. Get in touch with these providers directly from our website for quotes and information. All of them are available to guide you on the best for your asset.

    Articles and information: of interest of people that live or want to live close to the water around the world. The best neighborhoods and towns for waterfront living, the state of things, how to get a boat dock permit, and ever present threats of global warming. Resilience studies and the best providers to give you an honest assessment for your residence or investment property. The best waterfront properties, decoration, the best tiki bars, the most amazing boat docks, and the best cases and resilience remodels that guarantee a waterfront property will be safe from the water for a long time.

Growth and results of 1 year of blogging

Traffic growth in a year.
Traffic growth in a year.

Waterfront Gurus has grown over the year with ups and downs as were able to keep the website updated throughout the year. As a side gig, it can be hard to keep up the work required to grow a website like this. We came a long way though. The most important achievement for me is the fact that over the last 3 months we were able to keep a certain level of constant traffic instead of ups and downs of the beginning. More articles added and getting indexed by the search engines are responsible for keeping the level of engagement we are looking for.

Traffic sources, organic is king and that is great.
Traffic sources, organic is king and that is great.

Most of our traffic comes from Organic Search and that is an important thing because it means that people are finding what they are looking for from a search and not only coming directly to the website. Direct traffic is also one of our most important sources as people read us on Instagram for example and just type our URL on their browsers.

    We have a lot of space for growth on social media (working on that) and specially email. Our email subscribers base is growing every day and we will start leveraging that now to inform our community, subscribers and customers.

Do you build and repair boat docks, boat lifts and retaining walls?!

If you are a provider of any service that concerns residential or commercial properties, list your waterfront services for free here. We offer the first year for free so you can evaluate our services, get access to our community and interact and get leads for your services in your area. The free listing allows you to create a hyperlink to your own website, and that is very important for your own search engine ranks. We also offer now, the paid listing for U$D 25 and access to 4 pictures and be listed first on your region. After a year, your renewal we will give your more options to stay on the website.

    The website has been able to deliver 35 direct leads to providers listed on our website, mostly on the dock repair category. These leads arrive directly on the providers email address to which they can follow up directly. If you are a provider make sure to list your services and products right now.

    We aim to keep being a low investment service that brings a lot of value to our advertisers. Again, here’s the list of advantages our advertisers get by listing with us:

  • Free or paid listing for a year on the website, where they can list their location and specialties.
  • Link to their website
  • Access to the community forum to share and answer homeowners questions. Access to posting on our social media and getting access to featuring their services and products to a wider audience.

Whats coming in 2020

    A priority for Water Front Gurus will be growing our social media followers. By the way, to stay abreast of all our posts and information that sometimes does not go on the website, visit and like us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit.

    We are growing awareness of our platform and our message. We believe if and when the environment changes, so will the challenges people that live at the sea level face and how are we as a society going to deal with the issue. Resilience studies and plans are necessary as people’s mobility will begin to get affected, cities and neighborhoods might be changed at a faster pace than we thought possible and municipalities and local government will have to take action. Waterfront Gurus hopes to act as an advisor to everyone that loves and/or lives on the coastal areas or water bodies in the US and the world.

Max Francisco