Waterfront dock with lifeguard float.

Advantages of Owning a fixed Boat Dock

A fixed boat dock is in essence a boat dock type that is fixed or stationary. This feature is a result of the method and materials used in the construction of this dock. Most dock owners prefer fixed boat docks due to the stability they offer. This is the primary difference between a floating boat dock and a fixed boat dock. For trouble-free durability, a fixed pier is a solution. A fixed dock may be the only way to safely reach a floating dock where water depth is adequate for boat mooring. A fixed dock is also needed for access to water bodies for fishing or swimming.

Just as there are a lot of advantages to owning a floating dock, there are also a lot of significant advantages to owning a fixed boat dock. This post will focus on the benefits of owning a fixed dock.

  • Stability: Floating docks rest on water; they are affected in no small extent by movement in the water. Waves can impact floating docks and cause them to have irregular movements on the water, just as a boat or other watercraft would. Therefore, fixed docks are usually the better choice for areas that have strong tides or currents and a lot of wave action, such as high traffic areas.
  • An Extension of Your Living Space
  • Fixed docks can provide support for more weight than a floating dock; there are a lot more options for adding your touch to space. Here are just a few options:
  1. Professional Installation
  2. Since a fixed dock is almost always considered a structure, specific building protocols need to be followed. These may include (but are not limited to):
  3. Pulling proper building permits
  4. Following state and local building guidelines, such as hiring a certified state contractor
  5. Using specialty equipment for work when required
  6. Using only approved marine-grade materials on the project
  7. Add outdoor furniture for a comfortable seating place by the water
  8. Add a kitchen and grilling area to easily clean-up and cook up the fresh catch of the day
  9. Install a bar area to enjoy boat drinks down by the water easily
  10. Add railings and lighting to enhance the ambiance
  11. Add useful accessories such as power pedestals, benches with built-in storage space, or ones that are more fun like dock swings or swim benches.
  • Fixed Boat docks have the strength to withstand a storm due to their characteristic stability
  • Time-saving: fixed docks are designed with high-quality materials and sturdy construction which allows them to remain in place during severe weather events. With a fixed dock, there is no need to rush around and worry about getting it into storage. This time saved can be especially beneficial if you are ordered to evacuate the area quickly due to an impending weather event.

When it comes to designing your fixed boat dock, hiring a professional dock builder though may be costly than doing it yourself, it will significantly reduce the time and resources spent on project completion. Hiring a professional also gives assurance of safety.

Max Francisco