Playstar Floating Dock Kits

Affordable floating docks and dock kits for your summertime fun

Now that winter is over and summer is on its way it’s time to start preparing for your family’s summer fun on the water. The sooner you begin preparing, the longer that you and your family will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. If your summer vacation spot has a pond or lake nearby that you regularly fish, swim, or go boating on then adding a new dock might be a great spring project to embark on.

Docks can get pretty pricy, so you might not want too elaborate an addition though. You may also hove building limitations to consider when adding a permanent dock. Perhaps you share your water spot with your neighbors and they aren’t too keen on having it disrupted with new construction. Or maybe the local council won’t allow anything permanent to be built without you jumping through ridiculous hoops.

Fortunately, there are a variety of portable modular options for affordable docks that can let you work around these limitations and keep things well within your budget too. From floating docks that you can install easily and remove at short notice, to easy to assemble dock kits that be moved wherever you need them, the choices are many and varied.

Here are some different types of modular dock kits that you can get.

Rigid Floating Docks

These docks come with large plastic floats for buoyancy that turn each modular section of the dock into a free-floating raft. There is usually a wooden or metal frame around the floats to secure them in place, and wooden or PVC composite decking panels for walking on. These docks are great if you need something that can be deployed quickly but which stays in place for an extended time once deployed. They are also good if you need something that can handle dynamic water levels.

Inflatable Floating Docks

These inflatable docks usually come with a rigid top and heavy-duty inflatable floats. They are great for using off the side of a boat, in a large swimming pool, or at your local swimming hole. They are not really designed for long term use in a single location but will do a good job in most temporary situations where you need a portable and easily deployable floating platform. If you just need a dock that works for a few weeks of summer vacation and can be packed away afterward then they are perfect for that.

Fixed Dock Kits

Fixed modular dock kits provide you with an easily assembled and inexpensive dock that can be moved wherever you need it. These also make great cheap docks for your pond at home if you don’t want to go to the trouble of building something from scratch. They are easy to assemble and are made up of individual parts that are simple to manage. They can be quickly bolted together and then moved into place where you need them.

You can find these affordable dock kits on various stores, including Amazon if you want to get them home delivered.

Affordable Boat Dock Options available.

To get you started on your research for a cheap dock platform here are a few suggestions for affordable docks and dock kits that you can use to help you on the water this summer.

Tommy Docks 16 ft. L-Style with 8 ft. X 8 ft. Platform Section Cedar Complete Dock Package

Tommy Docks set up on a lake.

For a rigid dock that is easy to assemble and customize to your needs, it’s hard to go past the Tommy Docks range of docks kits. These come in a variety of styles, shapes, and prices. You can get aluminum-framed dock kits with PVC composite decking panels, wood-framed kits with wooden deck panels, and kits with aluminum frames and wooden decking panels amongst other choices. The modular designs and varied shapes allow the kits to be combined to fill pretty much any need.

One example is the 16 ft. L-Style with 8 ft. X 8 ft. Platform Section Cedar Dock Package. This modular kit costs just $1,272 and comes with three 4 ft. x 8 ft. cedar dock kit platforms, three 4 ft and four 6 ft. corrosion-resistant dock pipes to support the dock, and all the other bits and pieces needed for this kit.

Tommy Docks Dock Kits starting at 590 U$D. Check more options now.

Typical Tommy Docks platform Setup.
Typical Tommy Docks Setup.

PlayStar 4 ft. x 10 ft. Commercial Grade Floating Dock Kit

Playstar Floating Dock Kits
Playstar Floating Dock Kits available on Amazon.

This modular floating platform is great for combining with other platforms to make whatever shape dock you want. The platform is four feet wide by ten feet long with a wooden frame and decking and has three of the PS 1155 PlayStar dock floats mentioned below. This gives it a combined buoyancy of 1500 lb. minus the weight of the decking. You can also use it as a raft or similar free-floating platform, though you might want to add some padding at the sides to avoid accidents.

PlayStar Dock Float

If you want to build your own cheap floating dock but still need a robust and reliable float to go with it then you can buy the PlayStar dock floats by themselves in whatever quantities you need.

These floats have a 500 lb. buoyancy rating, which means that they can easily support one or two adults without dipping below the water. They are made from blow-molded high-density polyethylene plastic and are manufactured so that they have no seams to leak water into the float. Their large surface area and low center of gravity mean that they stay stable in the water, which makes them easy to walk on when they are secured to the deck.

When connecting the floats to your deck you have a few options on how you can secure them. You can have the deck framework wrap around the float to cage it in. Or you can make use of the three large holes that go through the center of the float to connect the float to the deck.

Cost: $103.44 each – Buy Now

Assembled Product Dimensions (LxWxH): 48 x 36 x 9 Inches
Brand: PlayStar
Manufacturer Part/Model Number: PS 1155

There are a wide variety of options available with dock kits these days. If you need a cheap floating dock or an affordable rigid dock platform then you can easily find something within your budget. So shop around for a new dock kit to go in your pond or lake-front property and ensure that you are well prepared for some summer fun with your family.

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