AirBNb Villa de Lago, Nevada.

Amazing Waterfront Homes on Airbnb

 These amazing waterfront homes will leave you longing for more days relaxing by the water as you’re recharging your soul. They have everything you need for that vacation you have been daydreaming of and it’s right at your fingertips. From taking the boat out on your personal dock, enjoying your favorite book while relaxing beside the water in hammocks, to kayaking, and fishing, these waterfront homes have you covered.

 No matter which part of the States you want to create memories in, there is a house on this list that is for you. Whether you long for the salty water to skim your face as it blows through your hair, or you need to hear the crickets chirp along side the stillness of the lake water rippling as the stars start to shine bright, this list of waterfront house from Airbnb are just what you have been daydreaming about.

Historic Lakefront Home In Lake Champlain on AirBNB.

Champlain House – Historic Lakefront Home

Essex, NY

 This peaceful retreat fulfills the much needed relaxation you have been searching for, with clear views of Lake Champlain at your footsteps. It offers soothing cups of coffee in rocking chairs on the front porch as you watch the sunrise just where the water meets the sky. A journey kayaking off of the personal boat dock, as well as fishing, and swimming, when the weather is permitting. Cuddle up in the hammock on the front porch with a good book while enjoying the breeze as the day goes by.

 If you enjoyed the comfort the old house your grandparents lived it, this is your house! From the furniture and decor to the quilts that drape across the beds, you will find warmth from the inside out.

AirBNB on Discovery Bay, California

Waterfront House W/Boat Dock & Lighthouse

Discovery Bay, CA

 With a lighthouse within a two minute access, a back porch designed for gatherings that leads to a personal boat dock available to renters, this house by the water is surely not going to disappoint. Take in the beautiful flowers as you walk to the entrance of the house, that you will have to yourselves for your privacy. Though the fire places are just for looks, you can still admire their antique charm. This house offers a sunroom where you can capture the sunrise beyond the lighthouse as you sip on your coffee. The back deck has seating for a large family, including a swing and a standing fire pit for those cool nights.

AirBNB in Kitty Hawk NC
AirBNB in Kitty Hawk NC.

OBX Beach Cod

Kitty Hawk, NC

 If you long for the salty breeze blended with nature, the WIE Cod Houses are a must in your next travel plans! These waterfront cods are made of mostly all natural reclaimed materials this updated modern cod sends good vibes with the bright decor.

 Get lost watching the waves roll in from the balcony just outside of the master suite. Refresh in the modern bathroom while being one with nature as the natural light shines in showing off a beautiful wooden vanity covered by a natural stone top. Enjoy a surf on the ocean within 2 miles of the house when the surf is up, kayak to the peaceful sound, or warm up by the fireplace on the cool breezy nights. An Outer Banks favorite WIE cod has much to offer on your adventures.

AirBNB In Poulson, Montana

Mission Mountain Retreat

Polson, Montana

 Nestled away in the Montana mountains, this beautiful crafted cabin sits gazing over Flathead Lake. Catch the sunrise listening to the birds and enjoying a warm cup of coffee. What’s better than a vacation? Starting your day with breakfast cooked at a bed in breakfast just for you while on vacation! Take the boat for a day on the lake from the dock available at your finger tips, relaxing in the private jacuzzi afterwards or cuddled up by the wood burning fireplace. These breathtaking views that are able to be viewed throughout the cabin will leave you regenerated and refreshed.

Villa de Lago, Reno, NV on AirBNB.

Villa De Lago, The Lake House

Reno, NV

 This luxurious home has a lot more than it’s stunning views to offer. A ginormous natural rock fireplace gives the wall to wall windows a competition while flowing together to leave you breathless. While not soaking in the beauty of the views, you can try your hand at the pool table located in the man cave near the garage. You’ll enjoy the antiques displayed and the fireplace to keep you cozy in the master suite. Take a long walk off of the deck to take advantage of the dock which houses several kayaks and a long board for your leisure. The buoy will keep your boat close for your convenience. Gather on the deck to cuddle up with a glass of wine and some good laughs.

AirBNB Kings Beach Lake View.

Kings Beach Lake View Getaway

Kings Beach, CA

  A clean, modern, comfort filled getaway, with lake views and the sunshine at your fingertips. A newly renovated luxury getaway offers a spa like retreat in every room. Soft colors and high end furnishings add to the lakefront view. The bay windows allow for a constant view of the lake in the living area along with the bedroom. 

 A step out on the balcony, the mountains alongside the lake will meet you peacefully. Gather by the water with a modern fire pit in the sand when you’re not taking advantage of the many amenities nearby.

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