Bathroom flooring with wood laminates.

Bathroom floors major factors when remodeling

I recently had to go through a bathroom remodel in my house due to a water leak, and I learned that with those drawbacks also come opportunities. I had a chance to learn a lot about bathroom flooring while check and choosing mine. And Like the lyrics for Will Young’s Crying on the Bathroom Floor go… the way your bathroom floor texture feel have a major impact on your well being in your own house.

Having a nicely tiled bathroom floor makes your bathroom feel inviting and homely, the same way a wet and cold floor doesn’t. Bathroom floors are as important as the necessity for a bathroom, and if you have the chance and need to remodel it, that may be a great time to take advantage of the event and making you feel good about going to the bathroom in your own house.

Heck even two spout sinks are attributed to keeping couples together. But let’s get to what really matters.

What to consider for a nice bathroom starting with the floors

Your available area for a bathroom is an essential consideration when remodeling or building a house. You can fit a sink and toilet into an 11-square-foot room and still meet national building codes.

Having a small bathroom has it’s pros and cons like making redoing your floor unbelievably affordable. Even traditionally luxurious options like marble are well within the reach of the budget-conscious remodeler. Now a large bathroom makes you feel like in a hotel, where everything is within sight but not cramped.

While the size is important, it’s just one aspect of the big picture. Bathroom floors present a great opportunity for creativity and making your bathroom amazing.
One of the first things homeowners and rehabbers consider doing when making improvements to a home is a kitchen or bathroom remodel, and that is because a bathroom renovation recouped 60% of the property owner’s original investment.

My small bathroom after the remodeling.
My small bathroom after the remodeling.

Having that in mind, these three items are the most important when remodeling your bathroom: Budget, functionality, and design (and this is where flooring comes in).

1. Budget – Like any project, consider the total budget you wish to spend. Budget creation can range anywhere from a detailed outline, specifying amounts for each aspect of the remodel, or a simple maximum spending price. Creating a budget will not only keep you from spending more than you planned, but it can also keep you organized.

2. Functionality – Although design and aesthetics will be a huge part of creating your dream bathroom, the functionality still takes first place for importance. If you’re planning on a complete remodel and anticipate moving around your plumbing fixtures, it’s important that your water is still able to flow and drain properly. You’ll also want to consider the amount of storage space you wish to have.

One of the biggest decisions to make before you begin your bathroom renovation is the type of shower you want. Consider the amount of space you have for a shower, bathtub or combination of both, as well as how often you might use a bathtub versus a stand-alone shower.

3. Design – Once you’ve finished the logistics and functionality design, the visual design begins. However, don’t completely close the door on functionality while you’re choosing design aspects – or you might choose something that looks pretty but doesn’t work as intended. When choosing shower tiles, consider their texture for slip resistance and shape for their ability to create a slope when placed on your shower floor. When choosing lighting and fixtures, consider the size of your bathroom and whether or not you will need a separate light above the mirror and the shower.

Bathroom floor as a major decision factor

Large tiles in the bathroom can become very slippery when wet. And It is difficult to slope the large tiles because of the distance between the grout lines. So textured tiles always provide more traction, and the extra grouting will keep your feet from slipping once the floor gets wet.

You can make choices according to your wants and budget. Ceramic and porcelain tiles give you many options and styles to mix different colors and match different patterns to improve the visual impact and create a harmonious look for your bathroom. It will also be an essential safety step for the floor tiling of your shower.

Wood and derivates not recommend for bathroom floors

Solid or Engineered Wood – Wood in general is not recommended for the bathroom as it can get damaged when wet. Engineered Wood’s multiple layers make it more resistant to these factors than its solid wood counterpart if spills are cleaned up immediately to mitigate the risk of water damage.
But bathrooms are prone to getting wet which is why we don’t consider it one of the best bathroom flooring options.

Laminated floors – Similar to Engineered Wood, if moisture finds its way into the Laminate planks, it can completely ruin your flooring. Common entrance is through the plank joins.
There are joint protectors available to seal the gap and act as a barrier for water, however, whilst effective for minor spillages this will not fully waterproof your boards.
You must also consider the possibility of leaks in your bathroom. Laminate (and Engineered Wood, for that matter) might work okay when exposed to small amounts of moisture. However, if you encounter a leaking bathtub or faucet, you could easily find your entire flooring is ruined.

How to choose and buy bathroom floors near you

When it comes to tile for bathroom, local contractors can provide their prospects and customers top-quality flooring at the most competitive pricing because of their expanding retail locations, substantial purchasing power, and ties with local and foreign flooring producers.

Whether you are looking for bathroom remodeling in Denver, CO or anywhere else in the US, it’s worth it calling a local contractor for best prices and services.

Will Young – Crying on the Bathroom Floor Lyrics

Give me that diamond ring
Give me that love on the movie screen
And I won’t feel a thing
Promise I won’t feel a thing
Give me that kiss goodnight
Give me a call, tell me it’s alright
And I won’t feel a thing
Promise I won’t feel a thing
And I guess that I got rewired
‘Cause you’re cold as ice but it feels like fire, fire, fire, fire
And the drugs don’t work and I don’t know why
But when you hurt me I go higher, higher, higher, higher
But when I’m crying on the bathroom floor
Tearing off the dress I wore, I wonder
If I could never ask for more
If I’m never gonna ask for more from a lover
Crying on the bathroom floor
Tearing off the dress I wore, I wonder
If I could never ask for more
If I’m never gonna ask for more from a lover

Max Francisco