GPS Trackers for Boats.

Boat Trackers – How To Find The Best One For Your Boat

Water transport is more challenging than road transport because of many unforeseen situations and risks. It becomes significant to track the location of boats sailed out for fishing or transportation to avoid any potential risk of meeting an accident or being diverted. Fishing boats often get hijacked, and unauthorized personnel can misrepresent personal vessels. 

GPS tracking technology can help monitor your boat movements and keep you relieved. You would receive alerts if your boat faces any danger and can trace its location in case of theft or mishandling. You can track the traveling routes of family members and guide them in directions to ensure safety. 

The trackers provide you access to the location information about your boats at the tap of your mobile or laptop in real-time or for future reference. There may be several reasons for using GPS tools, but the most important reasons for having a GPS boat tracker are as follows:

  • Guide For Routes and Location: An accurate tracking of routes with an efficient mapping system makes your journey convenient and enjoyable.
  • Safety During Emergencies: To alert and help rescuers track your boat in case of marine dangers such as engine breakdown, thunderstorms, and lost paths.
  • Recover Stolen Boats: Track the location of stolen or misused boats using a GPS tool and arrange for quick actions.
  • Insurance Benefit: You can enjoy insurance benefits from some companies by installing a GPS tool in your boat as an essential safety measure. 

A GPS tracker in your boat can guide you on what you need to be cautious about while passing through waterways. It also can ensure the safety of your loved ones in the watercraft while you are offshore. The device can be an effective tool for lifesaving in many situations while you or your dear ones are fishing, boating, or surfing. It lets you track their exact locations and prepares you to take immediate action in emergencies.


GPS trackers for boats
GPS tracker for boats

How to Choose The Best GPS Trackers For Boats?

Whether you are an owner of a fleet of boats or using a boat for personal enjoyment like fishing or diving, you would look for certain essential features in the tracking device that best serves your purpose. Some of the features that you can prioritize are mentioned as follows:

Accurate Location Tracking

You need to know the whereabouts and conditions of your boats through real-time location tracking from offshore. Knowing the accurate location of your watercraft will help you make suitable decisions.

Mobile App Synchronization

The most convenient way of handling trackers is through mobile apps that bring all the control to your fingertips. A GPS tracker with a dedicated mobile app can be the best choice.

Safe Zone Selection

One of the most sought-after features is the facility of selecting a safe zone for entry and exit of your boat. The tracker sends you a signal whenever your vessel crosses the defined virtual boundaries, letting you know whether they deviate from specified routes.

Emergency Alerts

The main objective of choosing a tracker is to ensure safety by quickly tracking and reaching the location for assistance. One of the prerequisites of such devices is the SOS feature that sends alerts to concerned authorities with real-time location details in case of any emergency. 

User Friendly

You must look for a device that allows a user-friendly mode of operation, data access, and clear visibility of map location. It will help if you observe how comfortable you are with the device’s graphics and display mode to track your positions. 

Robust And Reliable Design

The most obvious feature of boat trackers is that they must be water-resistant. Exposure to saline water, mud, or any other adverse weather condition should not affect its normal functioning.  

6 Best GPS Boat Trackers

Some best tracking devices available are best suited for tracking your boats. The latest GPS tools retain incredible technology for individuals and enterprises with personalized support. Here we will discuss the 6 best GPS trackers with advanced features that perfectly match your needs for boat tracking. 

1. Matrack MA-Asset Classic GPS Tracker

This tracker is one of the best choices as it provides total security for your boats. It has a waterproof, compact, handy design that allows it to be fitted at any part of your boat, especially on a metallic surface, with the help of in-built magnets. It has a battery life of as long as three years. It applies a very aggressive tracking mode to keep you well updated about the locations and directions during the water ride.

2. Family1st 4G Real-Time GPS Tracker

It is one of the best and most affordable GPS trackers for boats with all the required features. The powerful battery backup can keep you relaxed and enjoy the trip for at least two weeks. It is a waterproof device and ensures effective functioning even in difficult weather conditions and unpredictable situations. The SOS button helps you reach out to your contacts and share the exact location for guiding the rescue team in emergencies.

3. Garmin InReach Mini GPS Tracker

It has some features that make it quite different and convenient to use. It uses a satellite communicator to track real-time locations efficiently. It allows sending and receiving messages and generates SOS alerts in emergencies. It can also provide a weather forecast service to guide you in planning your journey and routes. You can also access downloadable maps, charts, and aerial imagery through the dedicated app as per the requirements.

4. Spot Trace GPS Tracker

It is a real-time GPS tracker with a compact and sturdy design. It sends you daily status updates to ensure that your boat is safe. It has sensors activated by a slight movement or by the traces of any object underwater. These features make this one of the best trackers for your boat by helping you take immediate and proactive actions to ensure safety.

5. Americaloc GL300W GPS Tracker

The compact and portable design enables the device to fit on your watercraft easily. It can be configured to send automatic tracking notifications on 10, 20, 30, or 60 seconds frequencies, which are helpful during challenging travel conditions. The geofencing zone selection with an immediate alerts facility prevents you from getting diverted from specified routes. 

6. Tracki Mini GPS Tracker

It is one of the smallest GPS tracking tools that you can easily fit in a small space. It works efficiently with coverage of several countries with real-time tracking and storing tracking data for up to 5 years. It is waterproof, sturdy, and has good battery backup.


There is quite a difference between tracking something on land and something on the water. Several features make the boat trackers unique with multifaceted functions. While using a watercraft, safety should be the primary concern for yourself and your family. A boat tracker keeps you updated about the routes and the accurate location of your watercraft which helps you make the appropriate decisions. 

A boat tracker indirectly helps increase the durability of your vessel by keeping it safer and damage-free. You can have a clear idea about when and where you should travel, the conditions of the routes, and information about any potential risks to keep you safe.

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