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Piles can receives marine grade stainless steel to increase the tensile strength of each wrap. Or concrete mixture with special admixtures to prevent water infiltration.

Pile Wrapping protects and preserve your piling from marine borers, also known as ship worms, by scraping your piles, and then wrapping them with a Marine Poly Shrink Wrap, and finally by installing our high density polyethylene material that has a high UV rating that is guaranteed to last a lifetime!

Some piles are beyond wrapping, and are in need of repair, due to rotting, decaying, and marine borer infestation, which cause an hour-glass shape on the pile. Rather than replacing the pile, we can simply repair the pile using our certified concrete repair system that completely restrengthens your pile at very little cost! This repair technique was first used by the US Navy, and is now the industry standard.


There are three predominant groups of borers which deteriorate wood piles - Limnoria (Gribbles), Shipworms and Pholads. Wood piles, often extensively covered with marine growth may be structurally damaged internally due to borer organisms and the full extent of the damage can be camouflaged.

Shipworms are clam-like organisms that burrow deeply into submerged wooden piles. Piles infested with shipworms may appear unmarked on the exterior of the pile. They can be internally damaged with a myriad of extensive burrows and tunnels. These borers create holes into the center of the pile columns and attack from within, damaging the piles structural integrity.

Limnoria (Gribbles)

Limnoria (Gribbles) are destructive crustaceans that burrow into the wood surface. They are free-swimming and can move from location to location on wood piles. These organisms burrow into the interior wood of the piles. Gribble infested piles tend to have an hour-glass shape a t the tidal zone.

Pholads are rock-burrowing clams that burrow into wood in warmer waters such as Hawaii and Mexico. Pholads look like ordinary clams and unlike shipworms, they burrow only into the shallow surface of the wood, enlarging their entrance holes. Their colonialization of wood is more readily detectable than a shipworm infestation.

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