Child found floating on an Inflatable Unicorn.

Child found floating on inflatable unicorn in Greece

Officials in Greece say a four-year-old child was rescued after being found floating on an inflatable unicorn off the country’s coast, this last Monday, August 24th.

Video shared with Reuters shows the girl clinging to the inflatable unicorn as a ship’s crew goes to her rescue. She was found floating near the town of Antirrio in the Gulf of Patras, according to the Greek Shipping Ministry.

Local press reported the girl, aged between four to five-years-old, had escaped her parents’ attention as she played on the toy and was swept away from the shore.

When the parents realized that their little daughter was out of sight, they informed the port authorities.

The ferry’s captain on the Rio-Antirio sailing located the child in the middle of the sea and slowly manouevred the vessel to her rescue.

Footage captured of the extraordinary incident show the little girl sitting calmly as the boat crew plucks her to safety.

The clip shows her wearing pink and holding on tightly to her unlikely raft in the wide open ocean as her rescue boats approach.

A crowd gathers as a crewman waits at the bottom of the boat’s ramp as her toy floats and closer.

Max Francisco