Waterfront deck by the water.

Deck Construction Tips

When it comes to decking, there is a lot of improvement and evolving going on presently both with design, product, and structure. Just in case you are planning you’re to build your deck yourself, here are some of the best tips and products we put together to make sure that you are good to go with your deck. These products have been created specifically to help you easily construct your deck. Let’s get going

  1. AZek: this is an app designed to help you make your decision about the color of fascia boards, railings, spindles pots, and cap the easy and quick way. By providing you with different texture and colors that you can try on different stock deck scenes, the app is a go-to for your deck look decision. You can also keep notes of things you need to add to your deck. Try to download the app from the official store http://www.azek.com. Though apps like this help give an insight on what your deck should look like, a hands-on experience is advised.
  2. Flash a Ledger board properly: ledger boards are a source of water infiltration and can result in long-term damages. To avoid this, you should;
  • Install house wrap on the wall several inches higher than where the top of the ledger board will be.
  • Install a Z-flashing approved for pressure-treated lumber where the bottom of the ledger will be.
  • Cover the top of the Z-flashing with house wrap tape.
  • Fasten the ledger board over the Z-flashing.
  • Install flashing approved for pressure-treated lumber on top of the ledger.
  • Cover the top of the flashing with window/door flashing tape.
  • Install house wrap over the flashing.
  • Fasten the house wrap to the wall with house wrap tape.
  • Finally, install the sliding.


  • 3. Tougher decking: capped decking also known as shelled decking is the new trend in deck construction. The core of capped decking is similar to composite, but that core is covered with a layer of stricter polymer. The result of this is better resistance to scratches, stains, and fading.


  • 4. The ends of manufactured deck boards are usually ugly, but there are ways you could hide ugly ends. One of the most accessible solutions out there is to raise the fascia board, so the top is flush with the top of the decking. Another way is to install a border board around the outside edges of the deck. This method can dress up your deck, especially if you choose an accent color for this board. However, this requires an underneath framing.


  • 5. Fastening options: screwing through the face of the boards is by far the easiest and most structurally sound method of fastening deck boards. Modern deck screws have reverse threads to suck the decking down tight to the joists and specially designed heads to prevent mushrooming. Some face-screwing systems, allow you to countersink the screws and fill the holes using plugs manufactured from the same material as the decking.


  • 6. Use engineered lumber if you can. Engineered lumber is currently used in making homes and presently being used for some outdoor purposes. Though, it may not be cost-effective to frame an entire deck with engineered lumber, installing an engineered-lumber drop beam is a good step towards reducing the number of posts and footings needed to support a deck.


  • 7. Avoid rot with flashing tape: lumber that is pressure treated stays wet and will rot eventually. Using a flashing keeps water from getting trapped between doubled-up joists. When resurfacing an existing deck frame, use black tape over any joists that have a lot of holes from the previous nails or screws.


  • 8. Blocking: this keeps deck flat and square. To help keep joists flat, it is best always to attach blocking perpendicular to the joists. It is also advisable to install diagonal blocking to keep the entire frame from racking.



  • 9. Water-shedding deck: decking technique like the DuzzBak technique is a unique composite decking that doesn’t allow water to pass between the deck boards, keeping the area under the deck dry. A dry space under the deck can function as storage for you or a go-to spot for your deck party just in case you get hit by unfavorable weather.

Enjoy your deck construction!

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