Waterfront House in Rhode Island

Dock Building in Rhode Island: permits and waterfront living

There are a lot of reasons why you should visit or live in Rhode Island. Rhode Island has the best exotic beaches in the northeast of the United States. If you have opulence in mind, Rhode Island has all you need. They have the best natural beaches where you can have a most splendid time while enjoying your life to the fullest. Rhode Island has some of the most fantastically rich environments where the atmosphere is fully charged to get you relaxed and feel at home at all times.

Also, Rhode Island has several spots which are very good for relaxation and other fun activities along the coastline. Some areas of the Rhode Island coastal beaches can be seen on the Interstate 95. There are many new communities, along with the coastal regions, which draw revenue from the waterfront. The waterfront is a budding tourist spot as the sandy beaches, and the fun activities bring more people into the area.

If you you’re looking for the perfect place to bathe in the sun and take blissful beach walks, you have to check beautiful spots in Silver Spring, Pawtuxet and Riverside. If you want to go further down to have a feel of the Atlantic, then Almy Pond, Greenwich, Narragansett, Bonnet Shores are all there for your direct contact with the ocean. There are too many magical places on Rhode Island that tourists find a hard time deciding where to go first.

You could get a boat dock too in Rhode Island!

To get the boat dock installed on your Rhode Island property you need a permit from the Coastal Resources Management Council. The CRMC classifies all RI’s coastal waters, and they allow residential docks in some types of waters. The first step in determining whether you can build a dock is learning the water classification in your area.

The Coastal Resources Management Council is a management agency with regulatory functions. Its primary responsibility is for the preservation, protection, development and where possible the restoration of the coastal areas of the state via the implementation of its integrated and comprehensive coastal management plans and the issuance of permits for work with the coastal zone of the state.

If you are coming to stay permanently or you need to get a waterside business set-up, it is necessary that you get a boat dock built to give you further success to the ocean. Rhode Island has one of the highest tourist numbers in the United States, and these people come to have fun in a new spot every time. Adding a boat dock to your business building adds beauty and colour to your surroundings. It also creates a connection between your land and the ocean that your guests will love to enjoy.

Rhode Island is one of the few states with an island destination in Block Island. You can decide to get a beach house which overlooks the Atlantic and add a considerable amount of glamour and splendour into your life. Boat dock building, installation and maintenance remain among the most profitable businesses in the state. There is an assortment of the best boat dock builders and installers in the state to choose from, and these installers and builders are sure to give you top-notch services at all times.

Best Waterfront destinations in the Rhode Island area

  1. Misquamicut

The shoreline of Misquamicut has some of the best waterfront destinations in the whole of the state of Rhode Island. The waterfront area banks mostly on tourism for its revenue stream; and it is one of the most exotic locations in the whole of RI. There are a lot of beach houses along the waterfront of the town, and these houses can go on full rental or sale. In the event you’re shopping for a permanent residence, or you’re vacationing in Rhode Island, you won’t run out of options. Rhode Island has the best for you and Misquamicut is one of the many indicators pointing to that fact.

  1. Pawtucket

Pawtucket has an assortment of waterfront destinations which will surely dazzle you. It is located deep into the funnel of the Atlantic into Rhode Island and is famous for having some of the best areas for leisure and recreation. Boat dock building along the Pawtucket waterway is sure to be a good investment indeed. This town is loaded with opportunities to live life to the fullest while connecting with your inner self, and Pawtucket is sure never to disappoint you.

  1. Jamestown shores

Located off Jamestown, the Jamestown shores is one of the best spots where you can get a fun-filled day, any day. This spot is very close to the Atlantic Ocean, and you can get to see the finest and most pristine places just outside the mainland of Rhode Island.

  1. Shore Acres

The Shore Acres is also a place that can’t let you go the way you came. The shoreline has the right amount of beaches, and these beaches boast of the best beach houses to match. The Shore Acres is developed and has a growing population. A boat dock installed here will surely fulfil its purpose to the letter.

  1. Potowomut

The town of Potowomut is also very close to the shoreline of the state of Rhode Island. This spot also has some good connections with the surrounding water area and is a bubbling part of the ever-lively Rhode Island set up. Potowomut has many connections to the sea, and you can get your dock built out there with no worries at all.

  1. Narragansett Bay area

The Narragansett Bay area has it all. If you are looking for a space to get your boat dock installed, Narragansett is for you. If you also need to relax in a gorgeous beach house, Narragansett is also for you. If you feel like getting a little sand on your skin while having fun on the beach, Narragansett is also right there. This area also has a rich history and is one of the many areas where Native American history still thrives.

  1. Bristol

Bristol is also a spot for you in the state of Rhode Island. The spots in this town will wow you for sure. There are a lot of things you could do for fun in Bristol, and getting a boat dock set is also relatively easy and cheap here.


Rhode Island has a real bouquet of choices when it comes to getting a boat dock built. It is hands down one of the best destinations you should consider for waterfront living. Wherever you get to choose, you are sure to have the best time and be fulfilled with your installation for a long time coming.

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