Yoga session on the Driftsun Inflatable dock... pic by DriftSun FB page.

Review Driftsun Mesa Inflatable Floating Dock and Swim Up Deck Platform

Water enthusiasts love an inflatable floating dock. If you ever needed more legroom on your boat or a way to keep your water toys from floating away, read on. An inflatable dock is a great way to add extra space or anchorage options. It is possible to take the dock out with you on the boat in the ocean or the lake to use as a home base. Inflatable docks come in a variety of makes and models. If you are like me your eyes glaze over when reading through the specs of a product and evaluating which one is best. I review the Driftsun Mesa Inflatable Floating Dock and do the work for you. This dock comes in a range of sizes 8 x 6, 10 x 6.5, 10 x 8, 15 x 6.5. In this review I focus on the 8 x 6 feet size.

The DriftSun platform with dogs on top.
The DriftSun platform with dogs on top.

First Impressions/ Pros and Cons?

First impressions of this inflatable dock were related to the price. $599 is a great entry to owning your first inflatable dock. This dock is one of the most affordable inflatable floating docks currently on the market. However, many people fall into the trap of purchasing cheaper products purely because they want to save money. They neglect to consider they may be saving money now, but the product will need to be replaced earlier than they imagined. Durability is key if you want to get value for your money. Fear not, this dock is constructed from military-grade PVC with drop stitch technology which ensures the seams are strong enough to stand up to your kids jumping on and off it and comfortably supports standing adults. This is the same material that whitewater rafts are made from. Therefore, you do not have to worry about dings, damage, and punctures. This is great news as you do not have to choose price over durability when it comes to this dock. It is built to last more than one season on the water.

The compromise you do have to make is the reduced thickness compared to docks of similar size. This raises the question of whether the dock is a stable enough platform? Although not as sturdy as other more expensive docks on the market, this dock is solid and sturdy enough for most activities. It is suitable for lying down, sitting, standing, and diving off the platform. The dock easily holds beach chairs for lounging. It can also function as a work platform making cleaning, repairs, and detailing to your boat a breeze. Reinforced anchor d-rings allow you to secure the inflatable dock.

Easy inflation and deflation is a must when dealing with inflatable items. The Driftsun Mesa inflatable floating dock features dual valves and 2 high pressure/ high volume pumps that make this quick and easy. Many other products only come with one valve and pump. This makes the Driftsun Mesa the better choice and further adds to the benefit of portability that an inflatable dock offers. Another plus is that there is no carry bag and instead a carry strap is included. This saves the frustration of rolling the deflated dock up and trying to fit it into the carry bag. You probably know what I am talking about if you have ever experienced the frustration of trying to fit a tent into its the carry bag. Instead just roll the deflated dock up and tie the carry strap around it. Easy! This packs everything down into a very manageable size that can easily be stored in the garage or rear boat locker.

The dock’s surface texture is a minor drawback. There is a non-slip surface, however it was not grippy enough and sometimes got slightly slippery when water was splashed all over it. However, the color of the surface reflects the sun and does not feel hot on your skin when laying or sitting on it.

Who is it for?

The affordability of the inflatable dock made it an appealing option for those wanting to purchase their first inflatable dock. It is suitable for kids and adults alike. The reduced maximum weight slightly limits the number of people using the dock at one time compared to more expensive docks of the same size. This is not a major concern if you have a small number of people using the dock or you plan to use it primarily for a swim up platform for food and drinks. However, if capacity is a concern for you, I would recommend purchasing the next size up.


This dock is an affordable price which appeals to water enthusiasts of all kinds wanting to buy their first dock. The durability and ease of inflating/ deflating are highly appealing and are great value for money. The compromise comes in the slight reduction in the maximum weight load compared to docks of a similar size. However, the sturdiness is only slightly compromised and still allows for most activities. The Driftsun Mesa Inflatable Floating Dock is big enough for several adults to lounge and sufficient for hyperactive kids.

Max Francisco