Boat bumper.

Essential protection for your boat and dock: dock fenders and boat bumpers

Protecting your dock and boat with dock bumpers are essential to the longevity and protection of your boat and dock. And the most basic protection are the boat bumpers. There are boat bumpers for docks designed for basic dock or piling protection, spot protection for problem areas and specialty bumpers that can meet specific dock protection needs.

Between the most common bumpers are: Fenders & Piling Bumpers, Economy Dock Super Cushions, Pier Cushions, Dock Edging and Dock Corner Bumpers.

Marine fenders are inflatable buoys, sometimes twin-eye fenders or cushions, contour boat fenders, low free-board fenders, fold up boat fenders. They need to be sturdy in order to properly protect your investment.

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Pier Cushion is an inflatable vinyl cushion with vinyl and VELCRO straps that will allow you to fit up to a 9″ diameter round or square post and can mount vertically or horizontally. This cushion is inflatable and made of UV resistant all PVC construction.

Max Francisco