Sandbag alternative for garage doors.

Flood control solutions: flood barriers may be all you need to quickly divert water

Floods! You might not think that they are dangerous after all, you know how to swim. But flooding is one of the deadliest natural disasters on Earth.

But water is certainly not your friend when it comes into your home unexpectedly. When a storm occurs or nearby bodies of water overflow, flood barriers for homes can help prevent flood waters from rising. When approaching storms, king tides, or flash flood warnings send you into panic mode; you want to protect your house and family as much as possible.

Using flood protection products and flood barriers, you can better prepare your home and prevent flood damage.

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Superior Pump 91250 Thermoplastic Water Pump
Hydrabarrier Supreme-Best Sandbag Alternative 
Quick Dam Grab & Go Flood Barrier Kit
Dam Easy-Door Flood Barrier

What Are King Tides and How to Prepare For Them

King tides are just one of the many climate change phenomena that are increasingly happening. They are not just affecting the waterfront homes, but they can also take out bridges and roads. They will continue to affect everything along the coast since the sea level is rising around the world.

The king tide is a relatively minor event in the long cycle of high and low tides. The king tide happens when the moon and sun align and pull on Earth’s oceans with greater force than usual.

King tides cause flooding and contaminate waterways with saltwater. The king tides are more of a local phenomenon, happen about once a year, but they’re happening this month in October. And waterfront homes homeowners should prepare themselves for this event.

To prepare for this event, you need to ensure you have an emergency bag with all your essentials if you lose power or if the storm affects your home: flood barriers and other essential equipment like water pumps and door flood barriers. In addition, it would be wise to decide on a designated meeting point in case something happens while you’re out in public.

Flood Protection Solutions

Floods are natural disasters that occur when the volume of water exceeds or overwhelms the capacity of rivers, streams, dams, lakes or other natural features to carry it. Floods can also be caused by king tides, sea storms and heavy rain from a cyclone.

Flooding can have a devastating effect on human life and structures. This is why it is crucial to prepare for a flood. In this section, we will talk about some of the different solutions to flooding.

  • Flood barriers: these are physical structures that stop or slow down water flow from one area to another. They are usually made from concrete, stone, bricks or other materials that can withstand water pressure.
  • Riparian planting: this is a method of planting trees and shrubs along river banks and creeks that help slow down the flow of water.
  • Flood insurance: it pays you money if the place you live in gets flooded and damaged by water.

Flood Protection Barriers

When you live in a drought-stricken area, water is something that we all take for granted. But, for waterfront homeowners, flooding can be devastating. You might think that you’ll never have to worry about flooding, but it only takes one king tide, a storm or heavy rain to change your situation.

Flood protection barriers can be used to protect your home from flooding. There are portable water barriers, inflatable bladder dams, windows, door dam flood barriers and water gates that you can install to keep the outside environment away from your property. If you’re looking for ways to stop flooding around your house, then this is the article!

Superior Pump 91250 Thermoplastic Water Pump

Pump discharge for regular garden hose.

A water pump is a device used to transfer water from one place to another. For example, a pump is often used for sharing sewage or drainage water from a low point in a building where it accumulates, such as basement floors or cellars, up to ground level through pipes or drains.

Superior Pump 91250 is a thermoplastic utility pump that is used in any number of situations. It is rated for continuous use; it can pump water for several hours without stopping, unlike most sump pumps. Pumps need to be kept under close observation to prevent overheating and running dry. Leaves and dirt can also heat the pump. However, according to reports, the Superior Pump can run dry for several hours without any adverse effects.

It is a utility pump that can be used anywhere, at any time. Additionally, the pump comes with a 5/8″ adapter for connecting a standard garden hose to the discharge.

Water pumps provide an efficient way to transport water, especially when you live in an area where floods are always at your doorstep or water in your garage door.

Stainless Steel Pump Hardware.
Underneath the pump.

Hydrabarrier Supreme-Best Sandbag Alternative 

Hydrabarrier Supreme - Best Sandbag Alternative.
Hydrabarrier Supreme-Best Sandbag Alternative 

We live in the era of global warming when floods are becoming more and more common. To protect against flooding, many people use sandbags as permanent structures.

But what if you need to protect your property rather quickly? Then Hydrabarrier Supreme is the best sandbag alternative. Hydrabarrier Supreme is a portable barrier used for flood control or as a water diversion device.

It’s constructed of industrial strength PVC Tarpaulin material and weight capable of holding up to 45 gallons when complete.

The main benefit of Hydrabarrier Supreme over sandbags is its re-useable feature. Its portability feature let you transport it to any location where it is needed, and just one person can install it without the need for heavy equipment or construction crews. This water diversion tube can also be quickly deflated after its use, making it a very cost-effective investment in terms of time and money.

Quick Dam Grab & Go Flood Barrier Kit

Quick Dam Grab and Go Flood Control.
QuickDam contains polymer that grows when in contact with water.

The Quick Dam Flood Kit is a quick and easy solution to protect your home from flooding. It creates a dam by providing a fast and convenient way to contain water in a section of your property. This solution includes the Quick Dam Grab & Go flood barrier, a water activated dam, and all the accessories you need to get started protecting your property from floods.

Quick Dam is a ready-to-use flood barrier that can be deployed rapidly when unexpected water rises. They offer homeowners an affordable alternative to building expensive dams. Quick Dam control, contain & divert flood water so homeowners can continue living in their homes while waiting for emergency responders or local authorities.

Activated by water (it uses a polymer that grows when wet) and always ready for use. Quick Grab & Go is suitable for doors, garages, lawns, etc. It is a complete protection package against overflowing appliances and equipment, leaky water tanks and equipment, storm surges and water main breaks, broken sprinkler heads, condensation from A/C, spills, leaks, flooding, drips, and more.



Quick Dam QDERLKIT offers water-activated flood barriers that stop the water before it reaches your home or business with stackable solutions for low water levels. The Quick Dam QDERLKIT is an innovative and patented product that helps prevent flooding in your home.

It comes equipped with a set of patented flood bags and barriers that can be used to seal off areas of your home that are at risk for flooding. In addition, the Quick Dam QDERLKIT Emergency Home Flood Prevention Kit includes a solar lantern, inner absorbent, and a water-resistant bag.

The solar lantern is an excellent light source; it also charges any device when the power goes out! And the inner absorbent turns into a gel to create a barrier for the water on your floor. You can use this material for doorways, entryways, garage doors, erosion control and any water problems.

The Quick Dam QDERLKIT flood barrier can remain activated for several weeks, depending upon the amount of absorbed water. As they decompose over time, they provide an eco-friendly alternative to other types of non-biodegradable options.

Dam Easy-Door Flood Barrier

Dam Easy Door Flood Barrier.
Dam Easy-Door Flood Barrier

When flooding occurs, it is imperative to act quickly. With this flood protection barrier, you don’t need to worry about it. Dam Easy flash flood barrier can easily and quickly be installed right into your doorway, protecting you and your house against damage. You can install this flood protection barrier within five minutes and ensure that you have reliable flood protection.

Dam Easy can secure doorways that measure between 30 and 43 inches wide. It provides a great way to protect your home or property during a flash flood. You can add extra protection with the included corner adhesives and the integrated ratchet seals the sides. A pump inflates and seals the bottom. You can lock the controls to prevent tampering with them using a security panel. With this product, you can protect against floodwaters up to 27.5 inches high, and it is a super easy, temporary or permanent solution.

This Flood Barrier also provides an alternative to sandbags in providing flood protection. In just three steps, the barrier can be installed and removed. No special tools are needed, no caulk or silicone is required, and no hazardous materials are added to your home.

Dam Easy-Door Flood Barrier come with a handy carrying bag.
Dam Easy-Door Flood Barrier come with a handy carrying bag.

Final Words

At some point in time, just about any populated place on Earth could experience flooding, and the areas where flooding is rare are usually the least prepared to cope with it. In storms and floods, flood barriers have proven their worth. You can prevent water damage by using them. Prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario. Therefore, you must find a flood barrier to protect all the areas susceptible to flooding, leakage, etc.

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