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Living on the water in Connecticut

If you are looking for a proper pampering by the cool breeze entering your waterfront home every day, or you need to get away from the highly urban life to get a connection with nature, then the coastline of the state of Connecticut is the place for you. Connecticut has the most exquisite coastline which stretches from the western border with New York around the Shippan Point area through to its southeastern border with Rhode Island I the town of Stonington which is a few miles off New London. Connecticut is a base for all things waterfront, and the communities which surround the waterfront area and the aquatic funnels into the state have a good presence of homes in these areas. This means that there are bound to be a lot of boat docks in the area. Boat dock supplies and repairs are very easy to come by, and you can see them in area such as New London, Old Saybrook, Westbrook, East Haven amongst others.  These builders are sure to get you the maintenance you need for your docks. Apart from dock building and repair services, it is possible to get an excellent waterfront cottage constructed to your taste. There are cities in the state of Connecticut where there is an already thriving waterfront home population with enough space for more to be added. This means that your dream of getting a good waterfront experience can be fulfilled in the state. Let’s see some of these towns and the unique nature of the Connecticut coastline in general.

For permits for building on the water in Connecticut your municipal authority is your go to source

The waterfront communities along the Connecticut Shoreline from the seaports of Stonington to the beaches in Branford are amazing. Each of these communities offer unique attributes, amenities and property types that cater to the lifestyles of its residents. To get a waterfront home or dock boat built without any issues, you have to contact your local authorities. The municipal authority in your area is the go-to place for your permit to build a waterfront home or boat dock. You can get connected to your county and municipality through the state website ( for a building permit. After all is approved concerning the building such as the site; the building plans; the materials to be used and whether the construction will obstruct the aquatic ecosystem, you are free to carry on. The next step is to get a qualified builder for your waterfront home or boat dock to deliver the specifications you need. The state of Connecticut is beautiful, and you are sure to have all you want from a waterfront experience for as long as you’d like.

  1. Old Lyme Shores

The Old Lyme Shores, which is located in the New London area is a town that already has an established waterfront community presence. The town has some of its coastline banked along with the Long Island sound, and the waterway gradually funnels into the East Lyme areas. This community has an assortment of areas for you to be ensured the best waterfront experience.

  1. Ridgewood

Ridgewood is one of the towns in the coastal areas of Connecticut State with a good presence of waterfront homes. The area is a few miles off the New London area, and you can easily access the inland waterway which stretches from Groton to Norwich. The Ridgewood area is beautiful and has a quiet tone to its environment. This is why it is an excellent place to get the relaxation you crave while connecting with nature in Connecticut.

  1. Round Beach

Round Beach is a town which is a few miles of East Haven and is one of the towns where a waterfront home will surpass your expectations. One thing about the state of Connecticut is that the beach areas are not too far off from the big cities in the inland areas, and there are a lot of connections to major cities and counties from these coastal areas. The Round Beach is also a town where you can decide to get your dock installed by the beachhead with relative ease.

  1. Attawan Beach

Attawan Beach is right between the Niantic and Old Saybrook areas. This town is unique because it is one of the closest to the Long Island Sound areas. The climate is charming in the town, and you are sure to get a good waterfront experience. The Attawan Beach has a smooth passageway where you can easily connect to inland areas such as east Haddam and Middletown. These are some of the reasons why Attawan Beach is special and sure to deliver you everything you require from a waterfront home.

  1. Cromwell

The city of Cromwell has all you need for the urban mix along with waterfront experience. It is very close to the capital Hartford and is banked on the western side of the river flowing through the state of Massachusetts into Connecticut and out through the Atlantic. Cromwell already has a waterfront community and is ideal for you if a small body of water around your building is what you need.

  1. Sachem Head

Sachem Head is located along the Connecticut coastline, and this town is ideal for your waterfront home. The town has a good amount of coastline where you can get to build your waterfront home with little worries. This is why you have to consider getting Sachem Head in your plans for a waterfront home built for your pleasure.

  1. Double Beach

The Double Beach area overlooks Long Island Sound and is a cool spot where your waterfront home can be built. Some qualified builders can set-up a good waterfront home in your selected place on the Double Beach coastline. The town is sure to give you everything you’ll ever need from a waterfront home. It is also possible to get a boat dock installed for waterfront home if you are the type who goes on a boating trip now and then.

  1. Knollwood

Knollwood is also located along the coastline and overlooks large sections of Long Island sound. The area has a beautiful waterfront community that has the potential to wow you over and over again. The Knollwood area has one of the closest links to the inland waterway which runs through the state into Massachusetts. It is ideal for setting up a waterfront home.

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