Orlando from the top and its countless lakes.

Living waterfront in Orlando: boat dock on a lakefront property

In the blocks around Lake Eola, just northeast of the Amway Center, the South Eola and Thornton Park neighborhoods are a business district by day, but by night the energy runs from low-key buzz to full-on rager, with speakeasys, cocktail bars, dance clubs and a color-changing fountain in the lake. Even if you’ve never been on a stand up paddleboard before, lessons and tours at the lakefront Dinky Dock Park in Winter Park are ideal for navigating the network of lushly wooded canals leading to more lakes.

Orlando seen on a map gives away it’s main feature. Not Disney World, but Orlando’s countless lakes and waterfront properties. Dotted by blue lagoons, living waterfront in Orlando requires a boat dock and a proper water set up. Boat, boat lift and a happy family on the water.

Orlando has rivers too. The river is actually more of a large creek than a river, but wide enough to give everyone room to enjoy themselves. Being that the water source is a natural spring, the water is crystal clear and cool, but not too cold. The depth of it varies between 2 to 4 feet deep, so it is possible to walk in the river. It is possible to go down the river without a tube or a float, but if you do, watch for the rocks lying on the river bottom along the way.

Boat docks are built on submerged land, which is owned by the state. Owners of large docks or marinas already are required to pay a submerged-lands lease, which must be renewed every five years. The theory behind the law is that the state should share in the profit multifamily developers make because their units include marina slips. However, the cumulative impact of docks at each single-family home inhibit the public’s right to use that water body just as much as would a condominium’s marina on the same property, he said.

In state designated aquatic preserves — water bodies that are environmentally sensitive — all boat docks require submerged-lands leases and none of them can exceed the ratio of 10 square feet for each foot of shoreline. No windfall fees would be levied in aquatic preserves because of the small size of the docks.

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Max Francisco