Bluefin Cruise paddle board

New boards for 2022 Summer Season

Have you been planning to buy a brand new Inflatable Paddleboard? If you are, take a few minutes to review our freshly updated 2022 best inflatable paddle boards list. This list is going to continue to be kept up to date as new boards hit the industry, so we are going to show the best ISUPs on Amazon.

For all-around leisure paddling, Inflatable Paddleboards are better overall, because of benefits in longevity, versatility, weight, portability, and injury prevention. But in case you’re purchasing a mini-board mainly for SUP surfing or maybe racing, certain technical features of hardboards cause them to become deserving of consideration.

Most inflatable Paddleboards are either four inches or maybe six inches thick. The 6″ thick boards are extremely consistent and offer great rigidity. They are not wobbly at all. If your paddleboard is wobbly is because it needs more air. They’re good for beginners and people more than 160 lbs. since they support the weight without any flex at all.

These Inflatables are amazingly durable, efficient, stable on the water, and flexible for activities such as yoga, surfing, fishing, and just plain cruising.

When it comes to the best inflatable paddle boards, I would say list here’s actually a pick and opt for a matter. These’re mainly all-around iSUPs and they are almost all from reputable brands with quality management and customer support. You are certain to get a great experience from whichever you choose going for, assuming it fits your activities and the size you get started on.

Best High End Range Inflatable Paddleboards:

1. Bluefin Cruise Carbon

The Bluefin Cruise Carbon, offers its impressive all-around performance and heavy-duty carbon-reinforced construction, is our favorite model. Its 12-foot touring style and length point provide exceptional glide.

The high-capacity dual-chamber pump is among the top we tested, and the provided heavy-duty carrying bag features roller wheels and straps that are comfortable.

Bluefin Cruise with flex reduction system.
Bluefin Cruise with flex reduction system.

Various other extra options incorporate dual cargo tie-down systems, and front and back grab handles, along with a built-in stomp pad on the deck pad. With high-end materials as well as consistent performance and construction across the board.

The paddle is quite innovative, we discovered it way too flexible while in SUP setting for such a high-end and rigid board. Overall, the Cruise Carbon’s performance is fantastic and overshadows virtually any possible shortcomings.

Pros of the BlueFin Cruise

  • Stylish design, SUP Kit has all accessories, like the kayak seat!
  • Very well constructed board with good quality materials 
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty! Among the lengthiest in the industry

Cons of the BlueFin Cruise

  • Board is a bit on the large side

2. Badfish Rivershred

Badfish got its start designing SUPs for river surfing, though nowadays, this modest Salida, Colorado-based company has a full lineup of inflatable and rigid models for from traveling and fishing to paddling both level and whitewater.

This board is made charging through heavy rapids with a maneuverable 9-foot-6-inch length, stable 36-inch width featuring just a gentle taper at the back, and also beefy 6-inch thickness. Additionally, it has a good rocker at both nose and tail to help keep you afloat in waves that are big, and the 3 removable fins offer customization that is great.

Baddish Rivershred river paddle board.

These styles are created for performance use and also feature wide profiles (9 ‘6″ x 36″ is a dramatic rocker and common) for maneuverability and stability in fast-moving water. 

But the Rivershred has gained legendary status amongst rivers guys for good reason, and also it does not harm it is the most affordable in the grouping and also includes the extra assurance associated with a 3-year warranty.

Remember that you do get a carrying pump and case with purchase, though you will need to buy a paddle separately.

Pros of the Badfish Rivershred SUP

  • Amazing stability
  • Comfortable deck pad
  • Removable tri-fin setup
  • Easy to maneuver

Cons of the Badfish Rivershred SUP

  • Absolutely nothing bad to say about this particular board

Best Mid Range Inflatable Paddleboard:

1. Atoll 11′ Inflatable SUP

Out of the buffalo icon logo on the additional heavy and burly create to the army eco-friendly colorway, the Atoll 11′ is an industrial paddleboard.

The mini keyboard is additional performance oriented for the size, with a squared tail plus a pointed nose for much better steering and planning. 

Atoll padleboards
Atoll paddle boards.

The thruster fin setup would mean you are able to get going and continue going straightforwardly if you have to coat the ground.

Larger paddlers are able to have a problem with boards with thinner profiles to maximize capacities. Not so with the Atoll, which is a complete six inches thick, thirty-two inches wide, plus rated a maximum of 400 pounds for one driver and 750 pounds.

In terms of speed, inflatable SUPs are usually more slowly compared to their solid alternatives, though I sensed the Atoll is solid enough for the real difference to be marginal. One other area in which inflatable boards fall short is in their turning capabilities.

Pros of the Atoll

  • Balanced stability and glide
  • Dependable paddle included
  • Sensible price

Cons of the Atoll

  • No two cargo system
  • Not really nimble

2. iRocker All-Around 10′

iRocker All-Around 10′ is a high-quality board from among the best in the market. Adding to a leash, wheeled bag, removable fins, dual-chamber pump, and lightweight carbon fiber paddle. On-deck storage is totally useful for many applications, incorporating an assortment of D rings plus cargo bungees, and the good deck pad can perform double duty as being a yoga mat.

IRocker Inflatable paddle board.

On-deck storage is totally useful for many applications, incorporating an assortment of D rings plus cargo bungees, and the good deck pad can perform double duty as being a yoga mat. All of it adds approximately an excellent starter kit that is plenty durable to last you well into your paddling career, whether you are out on the lake, done by the bay, or perhaps getting some whitewater.

We do like the All-Around’s choice for an individual, twin, or perhaps tri-fin set up (allowing you to tailor stability and speed based on your needs), which will help that taller paddler (more than 5 ’10”) to choose the more stable 11′ model.

Pros of the IRocker

  • 4 Action Mounts for adding GoPros, fishing rod holders, etc.
  • Good sized front and back cargo areas
  • Removable kid safety handles

Cons of the IRocker

  • A bit heavier compared to some all-around

Best Inflatable Paddleboards in Affordable Range:

1. FunWater 11

The FunWater eleven impressed our testers with its strong all-around performance and amazing value. Its streamlined touring design with 3 included fins offers respectable glide performance and straight tracking with sufficient balance to encourage each beginner paddler.

Toss in a yet powerful backpack, a good quality adjustable 3-piece paddle, along with an extra ankle leash along with a dry bag, and also it is so easy to find out exactly why we check out FunWater 11.

FunWater paddle board

These small drawbacks are overshadowed by the general good functionality of the board, the solid quality of its cost, and also its included extra accessories.

The FunWater eleven has a sturdy and comfortable middle carrying strap, though it lacks front and back handles that might allow it to be a little less complicated to go around once it is inflated. It is also significantly less sound than other boards, particularly in water that is choppy.


  • Ultralight board and Affordable Prices
  • Stores and rolls up perfectly plus it is lightweight to carry
  • Great board for heavier or larger people
  • Great balance and stability


  • One of the most common bad feedback was about the pump which will come with this board.

2. ROC SUP Co. Explorer

ROC earns a spot on our list for its amazingly great mixture of affordability and quality. This SUP is moderately light at 17.5 pounds, healthy for a broad range of paddlers (it features a weight capacity of 300 lbs.), plus is available in 4 different colorways, blue, green, black, and yellow.

Notably, you just get a couple of D rings, one particular grab handle, and also essentially light, 10′ length. The ROC Inflatable SUP is a little, fun, and playful board that is perfect for value-oriented buyers who might be trying to leave on the water just for the very first time.

With their ultra-lightweight construction and also smaller general volume and size, the ROC is among the simplest boards in our lineup to surf.

With one of the reduced list prices in our lineup, this board offers excellent value for newbie paddlers or maybe families looking to check out the sport of paddleboarding without emptying their wallets.

Its smaller-sized design is very easy to manage for beginner paddlers and is playful and versatile for much more skilled women and watermen. Families searching for affordable SUP and fun will be thrilled with this option. 


  • Very inexpensive board for a total package
  • Great for newbies on calmer waters
  • Multiple colors and fun design options


  • Accessories are quality that is low
  • Not ideal for several persons

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