The Bote inflatable Dock for groups

The best inflatable docks: floating island reviews

A lovely day on the water with your loved ones appreciating incredible weather and a cool wind playing with pool floats. Let me introduce you now to a new concept that is akin to having your own island. If you live close to a large body of water it might be fun to have your own island. And you can do that with a small investment, and buy yourself an Inflatable dock.

Welcome friends and kids over and make some memories together with blowup docks that allow for exercises, jumping on and off, swimming back and forth. These inflatable platforms are super handy, and easy to transport and store and I was really amazed when I saw it a few years ago at the Palm Beach boat show.

It's not hard to define which one you really need. There are a couple of key highlights that you ought to consider before you make your purchase. Basically you need to guarantee that you have a sort and size that works for your pool, river or lake.

With regards to setting up a dock, you have the alternative of either going for a fixed or floating dock. Aside from the undeniable truth that a fixed one will expect you to enlist the help of expert dock builders, there are numerous advantages of having a floating inflatable one.


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Introducing Inflatable Dock floats:

  • Size: They can measure from 5' by 15' lake floats, which is centimeters is about 1.5 meters to 4.5 meters.
  • Material: They are built out of the same sturdy military grade drop-stitch PVC used on inflatable padde boards.
  • Capacity: They can hold up to 2000 pounds above water and weighs in around 45 pounds. They are really tight and flat and can hold quite a few people.
  • Use: This are cool product for raftups, gunkholing, floating on calm lakes, etc..

Different types of floating docks

There are basically two types of floating docks: non-inflatable and inflatable. Non-inflatable dock floats are made of heavy plastic and are not the subject of this article. They do not collapse and can be heavy and hard to manage. They are ideal for tying up to your waterfront indefinitely.

But Inflatable dock floats is the subject of this article. Pvc floating docks are a versatile and fun way to spend some time using your favorite tanning oil to catch some rays. Tie it off to a parked boat and go fishing with your inflatable dock.

Considering the Size you need

How many people do you want on your dock? And where are you going to use it. Your waterfront, a lake and store it on your boat? You can find inflatable dock floats in sizes from a couple feet to several feet. There are a large variety of sizes to ensure that you can relax with your family and friends. The size will really be dependent on the number of people that would like to use the inflatable dock. You want to be certain that the size of your inflatable floating platform correlates well to the number of people using it.

As well, you want to ensure it has a smart design and great features. The best inflatable floating dock will be lightweight and easy to compact for storage and transportation. You also want your inflatable floating dock to be durable, so that you can use it to party and relax throughout the years. Choose the appropriate size that will fit your family or friends.

Capacity and stability of these floating platforms

The manufacturer or user’s guide states the weight capacity of your inflatable dock. It is extremely important for safety, that the weight capacity is not exceeded. If you exceed the weight capacity you are risking your safety, the safety of your family and friends, and risk damaging your inflatable floating dock.

They stay above water no matter the water level, after all they float (duh). But having a person on one of the edges can cause it to overturn depending on how that is done.

This is a crucial factor when it comes to selecting a dock. You need one that is stable enough to support enough people. Do not put your loved ones at risk by purchasing a weak platform.

Inflatable docks are built of the toughest materials

The sturdiness of the material determines its durability. Expensive docks usually have different layers of material to increase its strength and durability. Since most float types are of polyethylene material, you will have an easier time cleaning it with just soap and water.

A top rated floating dock will be made of durable and high quality materials. Often, this means that they are pvc floating docks or another type of heavy-duty plastic. You want to ensure that the materials are safe to use in both fresh and salt water. The floating docks reviewed on this article are great options.

Use them for fishing, lounging, yoga or exercising

Dock floats are a great way to spend time on the water. They are safe, comfortable, and unique. There are many dock floats that can accommodate the weight and have the space to also put beach chairs, Yeti coolers, soft coolers, water bottles in cup holders, and more.

Some floating island designs are quite intricate with the look of inflatable chairs or inflatable loungers, but with a large base. These types of inflatable floating islands are quite large and may not be as easy to transport. There are options with a built-in cooler for your beverages.

Other dock floats are more of a flat mat. These will be quite barren, though they may have a few cup holders on the edges. If you want to use your own beach coolers, these are the best design. They are flat and stable enough to support a hard-sided cooler, which can alternately then be used as a chair. They require very little maintenance and are easy to be removed.

Check out these inflatable floating dock reviews and this guide of the factors you need to consider to help you choose the appropriate float type you want.

Paddle North Utility dock review

Inflatable dock by Paddle Nort
Inflatable dock by Paddle North, with people on.

This inflatable water dock supports well over 2,000 lbs of humans, dogs, coolers and water gear. It is now available in a new size of 12' x 6' x 6''. It feels like it weighs more than 50 pounds, and the blow up process takes about 20 minutes with a hand pump. It comes with a hand pump, but you can buy an electric pump to make things easier for you.

The rugged inflatable Cottage Dock is made from military grade, durable drop stitch PVC and ready for a summer of fun for the whole family. Set up a couple beach chairs and an umbrella and enjoy the day on the lake or in your pool!

  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • Solid construction
  • Comes with carrying back, pump and maintenance kit

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Bote Individual exercise mat and swim platform review

BOte FX individual floating dock
BOte FX individual floating dock

The FX floating is perfect for yoga sessions on the water or amping up your core strength with circuit training. Loaded with features, you can Attach some bands for a quick circuit training session or just fire up your core in new fun way. The BOTE dock swim platform is the large one for groups.

  • I consider the Dock FX an individual floating dock but you can actually have more than 2 people on it at the same time. It is beautifully built and the Bote brand is a guarantee of a quality material product.
  • Now, the BOTE Dock swim platform are highly stable, incredibly durable construction to take to the lake house, float it off the beach or use it as a group yoga platform. This swim platform comes on the 7x7 and 10x10 sizes.

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The most affordable inflatable dock on Amazon: Driftsun Mesa dock

The DriftSun Inflatable Dock
The DriftSun Inflatable Dock.

The Driftsun Mesa Dock was designed for fun on the water and is a stable platform to clean and work on the water from your boat. Practice yoga on the lake or lay out and catch a tan. Bring out the lounge chairs, cooler and watch the sunset from the water.

  • Constructed from military-grade PVC using MLS drop stitch technology.
  • The most affordable floating dock currently on Amazon.
  • Inflated Dimensions: 8' ft. x 6’ ft x 6”. Comes with 2 High Pressure / High Volume Pumps for Quick and Easy Inflation

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Cheaper option on Amazon: Happybuy Inflatable Floating Dock 3-10 People Floating Platform review

HappyBuy Inflatale dock with people on
This is the 6x5 HappyBuy Inflatable dock with people on. They have one board on top of the other.

This 6ft x 5ft size easily fits up to 3-5 people as well as chairs and coolers. Boasting super stable large surface. The 6’x 5’x 6” Inflatable Floating Platform is the smallest size available starting at only U$D 199 .

The other options for the HappyBuy Inflatable docks are 8x6, 8x8, 10x8 and 10x10. Go with the one that fits your budget.

Island Hopper Island Buddy Inflatable Swimming Water Platform

The Island Hopper Floating platform with people on. Chairs and coolers.
The Island Hopper Floating platform with people on. Chairs and coolers.

Another of the off-brand inflatable swim platforms available on Amazon. These always have a good use for budget buyers. I always consider them because I would go for these. These are not professional material, these are built for fun and enjoyment.

The Island Buddy Water Swim Platform is a super buoyant inflatable water platform and is the perfect portable size at 8’ x 6’ to be used by 4 to 6 people. It holding over 1000 pounds without worry!

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