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The Best Places to Live in Wellington County

Are you considering a move to Wellington County in Southwest Ontario? If so, you may be feeling
overwhelmed with options on where to live. The great thing about Wellington County is that it offers a
diverse selection of cities, towns, and villages to choose from.

You may be wondering, “Should I live in Guelph or one of the many small towns in Wellington County?” To
help you decide, we’re happy to offer some insights into the best places to live in Wellington County,
including Guelph, Erin, Mapleton, and more.

1. Guelph

With a population of over 145,000 people, Guelph is easily the most populous place in Wellington County.
Known as “The Royal City,” Guelph is located just 30 minutes from Waterloo, 40 minutes from Hamilton,
and anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour from Toronto. While this makes commuting very easy, Guelph
has many employment opportunities of its own.
Alongside a healthy economy, Guelph has plenty of qualities that make it suitable for families. The city
offers a relatively low cost of living, top-rated schools for all ages, plenty of stellar local businesses, and a
walkable downtown with plenty of activities and events.

2. Erin

If you’re moving to Wellington County to escape city living, you may prefer settling down in Erin. With a
population of over 11,000 people, this charming small town offers gorgeous natural scenery, quaint shops,
and a quiet lifestyle. Erin is a great place to call home for outdoorsy people, as you can cycle, hike, or go
horseback riding when you’re not exploring Erin’s historic downtown.
Not sure about living the small-town life full time? The restaurants, shopping, and nightlife of the cities
aren’t too far away, as this rural community is located approximately 30km from Guelph and 80km
northwest of Toronto.

3. Mapleton
The Mapleton township consists of several smaller communities, including Alma, Moorefield, Yatton, the
village of Drayton, and much more. Despite only having a total population of approximately 11,000 people,
Mapleton offers four quality public schools that your children will love. Mapleton is very safe and
wholesome for families. If you’d prefer to live in the more urban centers of the Township, we’d recommend
Drayton, Moorefield, and Alma.

4. Elora
The smallest community on this list is Elora. With a population of over 7,800, this beautiful village is known
for its impressive 19th-century limestone architecture and proximity to the picturesque Elora Gorge.

Located along the banks of the Grand & Irvine River, this sweet village offers lots of parks and nature to
enjoy outdoor activities. There are multiple hiking trails, conservation areas, museums, and a lovely

5. Minto
Home to over 8,000 residents, Minto is a small and welcoming town. There are currently three quality
public schools in Minto, including Palmerston Public School and Minto Clifford Central Public Schools
for grades JK-8 and the Norwell District Secondary School for grades 9-12.

Of course, these schools aren’t the only features that make Minto family-friendly. Minto is also very
community-oriented, regularly hosting events like community dinners, trivia nights, and more to bring
people together. This, paired with the town’s low cost of living, skating rink, and countless other activities,
makes Minto a wonderful place to settle down.

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