The video of the dock handler tying the perfect knot is still making rounds on the internet

This dock handler video of the perfect knot is still making rounds on the internet. The video seems to be from January 2013 but from time to time pops up on Reddit and other forums to the amazement of the watchers. It turns out, this video was taken at Frenchy’s in Clearwater Beach and  the dock hand’s name is Linda. We don’t know if she works there anymore as I haven’t seen her in the past year.

She always made this look easy and that’s why the video causes surprise. She ties a boat to a cleat with a few fast movements that cause the rope to properly tie the knot in a clean and efficient way. But the last two loops that seem impossible is possible because the loop is made with the flick of the wrist before it goes over the cleat. Not while the rope is on it. According to some commenters, you just gotta get the flick right. A little practice is all it takes.

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Watch the magic knot gif up here and below, on the original video on Youtube, you can see it from a different angle if you feel like trying it yourself. The interesting thing is that that’s the standard way to tie up a boat. The only thing special here is that she’s doing it without bending over using little flicks of the wrist to form this cleat hitch knot.

Max Francisco