TOm Brady's Old 55 foot boat.

Tom Brady trades his new Wajer 55 for a super yatch Wajer 77

Tom Brady, fresh off winning his seventh championship and six months after taking ownership of his $2 million Wajer 55S boat, has upgraded to the larger Wajer 77. The Dutch shipbuilder just introduced the 77 model, so Brady’s purchase is just a preorder, but he’s excited to get it in the water by the end of next year.

Brady noted he plans to name his new boat “Viva a Vida” which Forbes estimates the yacht costs $6 million.

Brady will be keeping the boat at a marina in St. Petersburg, Florida, according to Viva A Vida is named after the charity of Brady’s wife, supermodel Gisele Bündchen, which has an environmental conservation mission. The charity recently announced a plan to plant more than 200,000 trees in Brazil’s rainforest.

He already owned the Wajer 55S, which he took to the Bucs’ waterfront celebration of their Super Bowl championship and the Wajer 77 is named so because it is 77 feet long. And as you’d expect from a $6 million yacht, it’s more luxurious than most houses. Here are some more photos of the Wajer 77, from both the interior and exterior.

The Wajer 55S, typically priced at several million dollars, is one of several high-end cruiser brands from the Netherlands that are considered fashion statements in European and increasingly U.S. marinas. Holland makes the largest number of superyachts above 250 feet in length, so the Dutch have created smaller-yacht brands like Wajer, Zeelander and Mulder as tenders and standalone cruisers.

Brady will be one of the first people to own the new Wajer 77. The company made the announcement in late April, and Brady even took part in the introduction to talk about the new boat. Below is the introduction video by Water.

The steel blue ship has been Tom’s favorite toy since arriving in Tampa Bay. He takes Gisele and the kids to the Bahamas in the yacht for weekend trips, where they explore colorful coral reefs and relax in the sun.

The Bradys even spent Christmas and New Year’s Eve on the yacht. But after a year of relaxing on the 55S and winning yet another Super Bowl, Brady decided it was time for an upgrade. When Dies Wajer announced that Wajer Yachts planned to build an even larger model in 2021, the Wajer 77S, Brady called an audible and upgraded.

Here are some quick facts about Tom Brady’s new boat.

• 77-foot yacht

• Four cabins

• Sleeps nine

• 45-mph top speed

Tom Brady’s new watch is a floating mansion

The Wajer 77 combines a super yacht level finish with the signature Wajer innovations for maximum comfort, like deck cooling, a hybrid fender system, an automatic roof and an electrically adjustable deck lay-out. Thanks to the use of innovative insulation materials, this yacht is the most silent in its class. Inside, comfort is kept at top level as well with four cabins with ensuite bathrooms and a standing height of 2,15-2,35 meters (7-7’9″). The Wajer 77 sleeps 9 and boasts a 400 nautical mile range, making it perfect for longer trips.

The Wajer 77 that is being built for Tom Brady on the water.
The Wajer 77 on the water.
The kitchen at Tom Brady's new yatch.
The kitchen at Tom Brady’s new yatch.

The Wajer 77 has made its debut at sea in August 2021 in Cote D’Azur, France. Wajer Yachts held one of the most spectacular launch events in recent memory to unveil the first Wajer 77 in the crystal blue Mediterranean waters of the Côte d’Azur. The largest model yet from the Dutch yacht builder was welcomed by a fleet of more than forty other Wajers and their owners. After the spectacular unveiling moment in the middle of the sea, the fleet continued on the “Route 77” to the famous beaches of Pampelonne where owners were invited to raise their glasses in honor of the successful launch with more than 17 orders.

The Water 55 which is Brady's current boat until the new 77 gets built and delivered.
The Water 55 which is Brady’s current boat until the new 77 gets built and delivered.
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