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Waterfront Living in Beaufort and Hilton Head, SC: the best small towns in South Carolina

Beaufort and Hilton Head, South Carolina can be described as a beautiful places with the best waterway system running through these towns. The city of Beaufort is shielded from the sea by more than four islands, and a proper channel of waterfront passes through these islands and up unto Beaufort and other surrounding island destinations. There are a lot of reasons why Beaufort and surrounding area is considered a hotspot for tourism all year. The serene environment has already attracted a significant number of the South Carolina population to live there, and there are additions to the community every year. It has some of the best climate conditions which attract a lot of tourists, and the activities you can engage in around the town are just so numerous.

We are going to be having a good look at the Beaufort area and other surrounding communities where it is possible to get a boat dock built or fixed and a waterfront home construction to meet your needs always to be close to the water. These are some of the reasons why Beaufort stands out among the many towns and cities on the Atlantic coast. We are going to be seeing some of the most beautiful towns and cities which surround the Beaufort area where you can get the type of waterside construction you crave. These towns make Beaufort and other neighboring areas a good source of revenue for the people and the authorities. It is crucial for you to know that we cannot possibly list out everything. These are some of the best in the Beaufort area, but there are much more which provide the best in everything aqua-front living.

Dock building in Hilton Head, Beaufort: permits in South Carolina

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control’s Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (OCRM) was founded in 1977 to protect and encourage responsible development in and around this precious coast. OCRM is responsible for issuing permits for alterations within the state’s Critical Area.

Development along SC coastal waterways has increased dramatically in recent years. Many people have come to the coast to take advantage of local opportunities like tourism, and business. With so many waterfront homes, construction of private recreational docks has become one of the most popular ways for citizens to gain access to the creeks and waterways. OCRM enforces regulations for all Critical Area activities.

  • Docks should not be located on or near sensitive natural resources, such as oyster beds.
  • Docks typically must end at the first navigable creek.
  • Dock length is limited to no more than 1000 feet.
  • Docks typically cannot cross side extended property lines or dock corridor lines.
  • Docks cannot restrict public access to and in state waterways.

The Best Spots in Beaufort, SC and Other Surrounding Areas

  1. Beaufort

Beaufort has some of the best tourists’ spots on Port Royal Island and has many tourist sites which can earn you some money in the tourism industry. The town has some of the most beautiful historical sites in the whole State of South Carolina. Out on this coastal city, you can get to see the Beaufort National Cemetery which has been in use since the 19th century. Also, there are other historical sites which are lined across the coastal city. If you are not a history fan; then the coastline is sure to make you love Beaufort in no time. The town boasts of some of the best coastal landscapes in the whole of South Carolina. It is easy to get a quick look at the surrounding islands on the coastal area of Beaufort. The coastline also makes for some good waterfront home construction as there is sure to be no mishap which is capable of damaging your property. From the city area, it is possible for you to get across to Ladies Island by boat quickly. Ladies Island and the town of Wilkins are among the closest towns to the Beaufort coastal area. If you feel like taking a voyage to Laurel Bay, it is also very possible from the Beaufort area by boat. The Beaufort coastline also encourages the use of boats for transportation to nearby coastal cities and towns. This means getting a boat dock installed is also perfect. This is why you should consider Beaufort to be the city where you get your waterfront home as there are no restrictions to the amount of pleasure you can derive from the Beaufort area.

BRidge over lake in Beaufort, SC

  1. Fort Fremont

The town of Fort Fremont is situated on the St. Helena Island. It is one coastal community you can’t afford to miss. Fort Fremont has all it takes to make your life experience here a much sweeter one. There are other towns on the St. Helena Island such as Longwood, Scott and Frogmore but the town of Fort Fremont stands as one of the closest towns to the funnel from the Atlantic Ocean into the southwestern part of the island. This town is an ideal spot for your waterfront home. It is also suitable for your sojourn by boat into other coastal neighbouring cities, and it is possible to get to Beaufort from Fort Fremont as they are only about 9 miles apart from each other. Make Fort Fremont your choice, and you will be connected to the sea and retain the comfort nature provides.

  1. Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island is about 17 miles off the coast of Beaufort, and it is the best spot for you to have a good thing in the surrounding Beaufort area. The Hilton Head Island has some of the best waterfront combinations of towns in the Beaufort area. Areas which are waterfront towns such as Forest Beach, South Sea Pines, Lawton and Spanish Wells are all a part of the Hilton Head Island. The town of Hilton Head Island is also situated directly facing the Atlantic on the east side. This is an island with towns that can make your waterfront home come true very quickly. This island is stunning and is linked to other islands of beauty such as Daufuskie Island, the St. Phillips Island, and the Pritchard Islands. Hilton Head is a lovely place to be, and there is no exaggeration in the comfort and satisfaction you are bound to get from constructing a waterfront home here.

Beaufort, SC and its surrounding cities and towns are sure to wow anyone who comes in contact. Beaufort and these towns have some of the best scenery in the state of South Carolina, which are tourist spots all year or are good for your relaxation and connection with nature. This is why you should take Beaufort as your destination if you want to be content with your waterfront home all the time. There are a lot of capable, licensed individuals who are the best in waterfront home and boat dock installation and repairs. These make the town of Beaufort and other surrounding areas a comfortable place to get your dream to come true very quickly.

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