Residential Products

Waterfront and Backyard Residential Products

The products presented here are relevant for people that live waterfront or close to water, to people that have issues with flooding, or want to give their backyards that coastal decoration.

You can find here hot tubs, inflatable dock floats, floating dock kits that can easily be put together and can be removed in the winter, inflatable paddle boards and kayaks, and residential products to control flooding, or mold and humidity.

Tide tamers and protection from tide waters, dockside furniture, outdoor decoration and more.

Signs your boat dock needs maintenance

The wood is starting to separate and it’s starting to come apart from where it’s attached to the other boards. Some of the wood is even covered with patches or mostly covered with dark colors that come from the algae that grows in our rainiest wettest times. Read more about boat dock maintenance.

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Upgrade your backyard with an affordable gazebo or pergola

The key to having a great backyard is to be able to utilize all of that space and fill it with things that make you want to go outside and bask in all that outdoor glory! With that in mind, then a Gazebo and Pergola would be perfect choices to upgrade the look and feel of your backyard.

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Pressure washer surface cleaners, to buy or to rent pressure washers

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to clean your outdoor areas? You can achieve this by using a pressure washer, but how do you decide which one to buy? As there are many options available, choosing the right pressure washer for you and your next project can be difficult. Here are few things that you need to know about pressure washers before buying one.

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Affordable kayak options for beginners

The type of kayak you desire will dictate the amount you pay. But you should know that kayaks these days start at $150 U$D.

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Electric Shock Drowning protection

If you live waterfront and have kayakers, fishermen and paddle boarders floating around, make sure to alert them if any electric current is leaking nearby.

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Flood control: flood barriers to divert water

Water is not your friend when it comes into your home unexpectedly. When a storm occurs or bodies of water overflow, flood barriers for homes can prevent waters from rising

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Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews to spice up your yard

To attain that ideal at-home escape some people are incorporating inflatable hot tubs into their backyards, especially waterfront homes.

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Inflatable Docks

A lovely day on the water with your loved ones appreciating incredible weather and a cool wind. You can do that with a small investment, and buy yourself an Inflatable dock.

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Floating Docks

Affordable floating docks and dock kits for your summertime fun

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Inflatable Paddleboards

Inflatable Paddleboards: Ideal gifts for fun on the water.

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Flood control products

Flood Control and residential waterfront products.

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