Hidraulic boat lift with boat on it.

Why you need a boat lift

One of the main features of a dock depending on the size or scale is the presence of a boat lift. A boat lift functions as a device for pulling boats out of the water to avoid cleaning your boat constantly from the moss that forms and also to keep it from rocking and hitting the elements nearby if you live on a choppy waterway.

However, some dock owners ask if having a boat lift is necessary for their dock. Boat lifts serve an essential purpose for your watercraft irrespective of your location, the size of your boat or the body of water it will be used. Having a boat lift is a move in the right direction as it helps to increase the life span of your boat. Some benefits of having a boat lift in your dock include:

  • Stops unnecessary water absorption by boat

Though it may seem harmless to have your boat kept in water, after a long period, the boat exterior begins to get deteriorated. Being left in the water regularly can cause hull blisters. If your boat is kept in water for too long, it may get attacked by algae which lead to the formation of scum at the bottom of your boat. These scums are generally hard to remove. If the special paint is not used for the bottom of your boat, this can severely deteriorate the paint job. Regardless of the investment you’ve made in your boat, most boat owners take great pride in their watercraft and want it to remain as good as possible. With a floating boat lift, there is no need to worry about getting rid of boats’ hull blisters. While this is a time-saver, it also helps to maintain the appearance of the boat and keep its value. You also get to save money and costs of repair for your boat.

  • Creates Stability

Depending on your location, you may experience fluctuations in water levels. These fluctuations can result in major or minor instabilities, but they will most certainly have an impact on your boat. Having your boat in the water without a boatlift increases the chances of damage caused by fluctuating water from storms as well as seasonal changes. Boat lifts when used can keep your boat out of the water and away from swinging water and debris caused by weather or climate change.

Hull blisters on a boat.
Hull blisters on a boat.
  • Time Saver

Apart from preventing corrosion and damage to your boat, the use of a boat lift saves you the time needed in getting in and out of the lake. All that needs to be done to deploy your craft is simply driving off of the lift. In the absence of a floating boat lift, you have to take several steps before you enjoy time on the boat. If your boat has been in the water for any period, you’ll need to check for debris, leaks, and cracks on the hull before launch. Having a boat lift makes it a lot easier to do maintenance checks and significantly reduces the chances of damage. Floating boat lifts don’t require any electrical maneuvering, all you need to do is board your watercraft, and you’re ready to take off.

The benefits of a boat lift cannot be overemphasized. Cleaning and repainting a boat not only do cost you time that you could be spending out on the water enjoying your investment, but it also costs a sizeable amount of money. Speculations suggest that purchasing a boat is an investment that needs the continuous release of income. However, that investment on a boatlift saves you both time and money that would have went into repairs for your boat.

No matter the size of the boat you purchased, it is an investment you should be proud of and protect as much as you can and with the resources you have. The addition of a boat lift is a step towards this. You will simply stop worrying about your boat.

Max Francisco